Anonymous asked:

Turn ANON off you attention seeking whore


Jesus. You fuckers never let up? Yeah. People pay me for sex. Right on, dude. I hope you feel amazing about your fine self.


Anonymous asked:

We all hate you. You're scum. You have 3 kids and yet you sit there whining that you have nothing. You. Are. Pathetic. You actually make me sick. Why don't you just fuck off and die.


A+ message, anon. You’re an arse.

I specifically remember being able to “ignore” tumblr anons in the past from their specific asks.

Is there no way you can do that anymore? I can ignore people from my followers list, but I want to ignore these anons who are continuing their bullshit. Help.


Anonymous asked:

You have nothing else in your life. What the fuck???


Who the fuck are you to demand answers from me without a fucking name? Fuck off.

If I used tumblr on desktop instead of in the app

I would have all of you nasty Anon shit stirrers blocked. You are all pieces of shit.


I’m not sure I know how to love you, but I have faith that, if you’re right for me, being myself will be right for you.

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I kind of REALLY want this. How nice would it be to have wads of cash just lying around?

Beer and Lost

Because I have nothing else in my life.

My moods are insanely up and down.

I didn’t even realise I had triggers until recently.

Now I’m thinking I should leave tumblr altogether because so many things I read here send me into a downward spiral, and all of a sudden I hate myself again.

5 movies I’d take on a deserted island.

On the off chance there’d be a DVD player or something.

1. How to Train Your Dragon 2
2. Dead Poets’ Society
3. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
4. Foo Fighters Back and Forth
5. Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

I think that covers all bases. Feel goods, scary, music, and comedy. These are definitely 5 of my favourites. I could watch these again and again.

Thanks for tagging me double-wing-transformation

I tag soulproprietorship somerandomhumanerism ginger-mouse justasmirk oh-no-now-what-did-i-do manontheperiphery and five16ash. Not sure how many I was supposed to tag, but whatever!